I'll see him later today.

We have seldom seen such a sight!

Can I borrow your cellphone, please?

She ironed a skirt.

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Give it to whomever you like.

She comes from both minorities.

The police are responsible for the maintenance of law and order.

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Whatever he says is right.

I think Sarah has come to make trouble.

This milk is free from germs.

Nicolas doesn't often let Adam drive his car.

Jay thought he was cute, but she was too shy to say anything.


What do you need to tell me?

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Ramneek didn't tell me all the details.

You should cross out any word you don't need.

Mother is preparing dinner.

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I'll take your suitcase to your room, sir.

Thus, they cannot be detected by other animals that threaten them.

Doyle is a math-geek.

How is the food?

When was the last time you picked apples from the neighbor's garden?


Hi what's up

Everyone has a right to enjoy his liberty, much more his life.

I hear your steps and I know you are returning home.

Gregg canceled his hotel reservation.

They want to talk to you a moment.

If I have time, I'll drop in.

She asked me if I knew Jelske's address.

What's going on with you today?

I don't like the dark.


It's quite warm here, isn't it?


They asked for my opinion.

I will give you whatever you want.

He cannot do anything against me without disclosing the matter to the public.


Sorry, Loukas, I don't have time to chat.

I might not sleep tonight.

Fay left Gypsy a message.

Grammar-Nazi-sympathizers must die too!

I'm coming back for you.

I wish I could use magic.

Sergio was dressed in leather.


I'm cold. May I close the window?

I consider him my friend.

That cost him his job.


This sentence has to be proofed.

Miss Kanda runs very fast.

Eric was in the bath when Lana arrived.

He asked us to bring him a television and a fridge.

If you wish to speak with many people, you ought to learn Esperanto. Why this language? Because it is both beautiful and stimulates our study. An international language is of great moment because there are so many people in the various countries of the world. And besides, Esperanto is not only useful but easy to learn. If you speak Esperanto you can travel in many countries. Come and learn it!

Son doesn't go fishing as much as he used to.

It's ironic, isn't it?

You should brush up on your Spanish.

I am eating a cucumber.

You'd better break off smoking.

My sister has a sweet tooth.


Jock expects the worst.

That's very kind.

I have to think of myself.

Are you sure your parents will allow you to go?

You must eat what you are served.

Suddenly, a good idea occurred to me.

There are not many parking spaces on this particular street.

No one is immortal.

I ate until I was satisfied.

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Claudia couldn't completely rule out the possibility that what Turkeer said was true.

Young man, enjoy yourself while you are young!

You haven't even tried yet.


If I were you, I would stay quiet.

Harry put on his robe and wizard hat.

I am a translator.

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It's not a difficult problem.

Do you want her to know about it?

Don't let Dwight follow me.


I'll buy you anything you want.


I admit that I was wrong.

At first I felt a bit too shy to speak to her.

I'm having kind of a weird day.


He's an interpreter in an international bank.

That was really good.

This is nothing more than a marketing stunt.

Is everybody all right?

Try to ignore him.

He spoke about you yesterday.

Sridhar said his dog's name was Cookie.


Nicolette and Jeanette just don't seem to communicate very well.

They walked all the way to Boston.

This island belonged to France in the 19th century.

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I played with Tony yesterday.

I suddenly needed a car.

How many smoke bombs still have to be thrown until the government actually succeeds in covering up the scandal?

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She frankly admitted her guilt.

It was gambling that brought about his ruin.

We're approximately the same height.

If you agree to buy 3,000 of them, we'll give you a 3 percent discount.

It's a long road with no curves.

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There is little sugar left in the pot.

The watercourse is to the biosphere what blood circulation is to a human being.

And then I heard that they eat blue cheese on thin ginger cookies in Sweden. Can that be right?

Are those my slippers?

You have to hold on.


My sister has a dog.

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I can't solve this problem on my own.

The longer I live, the smarter I get.

Even when she's not wearing makeup, she's very beautiful.

They're going to fill in the contract.

I'll have to make amends to them for my mistake.

Toerless can't have said such a thing.

Why don't you just hit Rich?

I demanded that she should go.

I noticed that the bus drivers cannot brake.


I hate that damn song.

Are you dependable?

Maybe you're trying too hard.

Can you remember the first time we met each other?

Shatter is very concerned about you.

Keep an eye on Vistlik.

I feel like I missed something.

Roses smell nice.

What school did you go to?


Only you, can make the darkness bright.

There's still a bit of it left.

With social media it's possible to find out a lot of information about someone before meeting them.


Do you not get bored of videogames all afternoon?

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Everybody has his merits and demerits.

He isn't wearing a hat.

I would've taken care of him.


You should take the shuttle bus.

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Don't yell at my kid.


We considered it.


Guess who's coming tonight.


The defendant appealed against the sentence without hesitation.

Don't forget to put a stamp on your letter.

I assume this is what killed Pim.


I lived among men and learned to hate them.

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Sridhar has done more than enough.

One thing that won't change is my salary.

The police found shoe impressions at the crime scene.


Why did Maria say that?

Where are you working?

Miriamne often sings out of tune.

Could you put these bags in the trunk?

Mars is the Red Planet.


We could talk about them.

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I don't want a present. I want a future.

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Does Pedro get many visitors?


What was his surprise and his joy when, on looking himself over, he saw that he was no longer a marionette, but that he had become a real live boy!

I'm not the only one here who thinks so.

She's doing it to me out of spite.

Isidore and Clarence are having lunch in the cafeteria.

He plays basketball best of us all.

He will pass the next examination.

Can I get a blanket?

House prices are up.

My mother used to pick me up every day when I was at primary school.

I'll be leaving shortly.

Sometimes, a little bit of pride is what we need.

I didn't lose it.

What's the best way to learn your language? Would you recommend any book?


There is an urgent need for them to update their system.